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New Beginning

Dillan. 2004

If you’re making a life’s change willfully and intentionally, there’s no excuse for your life to be subsequently worse.

Unless you don’t understand there’ll be consequences following your choices.

What if you don’t?

It’s hard to believe that a seemingly healthy fourteen-year-old boy doesn’t understand the concept of choice and accountability. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the struggle Dillan is dealing with.

Dillan’s left brain being so dominant that, in a way, his right brain is falling behind, causing delay in his social, emotional, behavioral developments. We learned all about this, a couple days ago, through a comprehensive assessment and consultation at a local Brain Balance Achievement Center. The assessment results explain clearly why Dillan acts the way he does. And we also learned that there are ways to help correct the weak side of his brain so that he can function, at least, at his age level.

The center director said that, with the kind of cognitive ability Dillan has, he can go to ANY college or university in the entire nation without any problem. No problem. Dillan is intelligent. But his right brain is not working in sync with the left and it will hinder his performances in school, in sports, at work. And he won’t be able to truly utilize the brilliant mind he was born with to, dare I say? change the world.

So I enrolled Dillan in the Brain Balance program with the hope that he’ll be able to steadily make improvement and gradually reach his highest potential. At this new beginning of Dillan’s life, we’ll all  witness the change in him before we watch him change the world.



Allison Merrill is a full-time mother and a writer.

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