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The (Homework) Struggle is Real.

Dillan as a baby. 2003

A few days ago I logged into Dillan’s school website to check his grades. I saw that he got an “F” in math and found out it was because, since school started three weeks ago, Dillan hasn’t turned in any homework.

This wasn’t new.

Dillan has been doing this––not doing homework, losing his homework between school and home, not knowing what his homework is–-for the past, what? five years? Five or six years. The homework struggle is real in our house. Every bit of it is real. And it’s hard.

My husband–-we shall call him by his code name Batman here. Batman and I have been talking to Dillan for years about his homework. We’ve been trying to help him understand that homework isn’t optional or recreational. It’s a student’s daily responsibility.

I say, It’s like taking care of a puppy. You need to feed it, bathe it, walk it, to help it grow into a healthy and happy dog. That’s a pet owner’s responsibility. You simply don’t neglect.

I say, it’s the same with homework, buddy. You’ve got to do it every time your teacher gives you an assignment. 

But a homework speech like this = a heated argument in our house, unfortunately, always.


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