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A Boy’s Powerful Strengths


Dillan as a baby. 2003


Dillan, my youngest son, turned 14 two months ago. He once complained about his summer birthday because it’s hard to invite people to your birthday party when school is out and your friends are on family vacations.

Friends are a huge part of Dillan’s life. He makes friends easily. He could befriend anyone––boys and girls, young and old, American and Chinese. If he were stranded on an isolated tropical island, Dillan could possibly, easily, befriend palm trees or a volleyball named Wilson.

Dillan, like his two older brothers, was in the Accelerated Learning Lab program from third grade to sixth grade. They all did well academically. Although Dillan showed a different learning/studying pattern than his brothers––He never had to sweat over anything to get almost perfect grades in school. He’s the kind of kid who doesn’t study and still gets 120/100 on a test.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a bragging post because it really is not. What I’m trying to say is, Dillan has a brilliant mind. He has gifts and talents that I wish I had. I can’t, and won’t, take credit for any of his powerful strengths. But he has weaknesses and struggles, too. All I’m feeling is equal parts proud and humbled to be his mother.


Allison Merrill is a full-time mother and a writer.

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